Mayor visits frontline Council staff across the Borough

council news Jun 07, 2021

The Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has said a personal thank you to frontline staff during a series of visits carried out this week.

Alderman Mark Fielding met with employees at Ballycastle depot, the Parks department in Coleraine, Ballymoney depot, Loughanhill in Coleraine and Limavady depot.

He said: “This is my final week as Mayor and I’m glad to have had this opportunity to convey my gratitude to these workers. Their efforts ensure our essential services are maintained and that the area is kept clean and looking its best for everyone to enjoy – something which is all too easy to take for granted.

“We’re very grateful for everything they do and it’s important that we recognise the importance of their work. Working practices have had to change in light of the pandemic and staff have played their part to ensure we are able to maintain a safe service across the Borough

“Over the past year we have developed a greater appreciation of our key workers who continued to carry out their roles when many of us were asked to stay at home. On behalf of all our residents, I want to reiterate my thanks to our frontline workers and I hope they know that their continued efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

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