New Full Fibre Network brings hyperfast broadband speeds to the North Coast

community news May 28, 2021

Thousands of homes and businesses on the North Coast, including properties in Portstewart, Portrush and Ballycastle now have next generation access (NGA) gigabit capable broadband speeds.  The new broadband infrastructure has been rolled out by Fibrus Networks Ltd, Northern Ireland’s fastest growing telecoms provider, specialists in providing full fibre broadband to rural and regional areas across the country.  

 Fibrus began work on the North Coast earlier this year to transform broadband infrastructure, having already completed extensive works across South Down and Mid Ulster. Over 8,000homesand businesses on the North Coast can now access the hyperfast full fibre broadband service. 

Speaking from Portrush, Fibrus Managing Director David Armstrong said:

 “Fibrus was established to enhance the lives of those living in towns like Portrush, Portstewart and Ballycastle. For too long, rural and regional areas on the North Coast have gone without decent connectivity opportunities, despite being a hub for local business and of course, local tourism hospitality and attractions. 

 “The need and demand for online connectivity has been accelerated by the recent ‘Stay at Home’ message, with more and more families working from home, accessing school lessons online and enjoying streaming services for entertainment, proving that access to broadband has become like any other utility. To modern homes and businesses, it is as essential as your electricity and heating. 

 “The arrival of full fibre broadband on the North Coast will revolutionise the way families and businesses go about their day-to-day lives and benefit those visiting the world renowned tourist areas. We’re really excited to see more and more rural communities are getting connected to our new transformative network.”


SDLP MLA for East Derry, Cara Hunter said: “I am delighted to join Fibrus this morning in Portrush to mark the North Coast area now being able to connect to full fibre broadband.


“For too long people in this area have not had sufficient broadband connectivity and the news that over 8,000 homes and businesses on the North Coast can now access the hyperfast full fibre broadband service is very welcome. With so many people now working from home as result of the pandemic and as businesses look to reopen and recover following lockdown, good internet access is more important than ever.”

 DUP MLA Maurice Bradley added: “This is good news for residents and businesses across the North Coast. Now more than ever, people and businesses need and rely on good internet connectivity with so many of us communicating through mediums like Starleaf, Zoom and Microsoft Teams to communicate and hold business conferences.

 “More and more people need reliable broadband for study, business and communication. The recent Pandemic has proved that. I congratulate Fibrus on the success to date of their roll-out programme which has been a massive boost to consumers and business people across rural Northern Ireland who before this intervention, struggled with poor connectivity and service.

 “Now, people access to amazing connectivity to next generation access (NGA) gigabit capable broadband speeds and internet stability, which is a welcome boost for our local economy and home users.”

 David Armstrong concluded: “Fibrus will continue to address the imbalance in rural connectivity across Northern Ireland and we look forward to seeing more communities enjoying the benefits of our full fibre network.”


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