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Causeway Coast Radio will bring you local and national news, interviews and reviews; we cover the arts, literature, politics and much, much more.

Coming Soon!

A new online radio station is planning to launch in the Causeway Coast & Glens area in the coming months. 

Causeway Coast Radio will play music, have local news and provide specialist shows including rock, soul and country music.

The station will be operated by Causeway Coast Community. 

Causeway Coast Radio will broadcast 24 hours a day, with big hits from the 1960s to the present day.

Events, local information and news will help form the core of Causeway Coast Radio's content, as well as showcasing local artists, playing a great mix of popular music, and providing specialist shows weekdays from 8pm and weekends from 6pm – including rock, northern soul, show tunes and country music.

Listeners will be able to tune into the local  station via smart speakers, Causeway Coast Radio’s free iOS and Android app, and online at


The Voice Of The Causeway Coast

“We do not work the traditional 9 to 5pm. We are literally 24/7 publishing all our articles on social media which not only helps to circulate news publicly in the wider domain, reaching far more people than they normally would in print form, it also gives readers a voice — an instant one.”

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